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These selection of Natural Blood Sugar Medications are formulated with you in mind to achieve one thing: To cure your diabetes once and for all when taken in conjunction with the necessary lifestyle changes. 

We recommend that Diabetrix or Jiaogulan be taken alongside Blood Sugar Control Elixir for effective and quick resolution.

When immune compromise is an issue for you then add any of the immune boosters:

The Imerial Blend (Super Immune Booster), UltraGano Supreme Certified or ULTRAImmune9

When Digestion issues like constipation is of concern then you need to address both Liver Qi Stagnation and the gastroenteritis problem, like Gastritis with OCMP.

Sometimes Candida Yeast infection becomes a problem people with Blood Sugar problem; this then requires that you address this problem with CandiClear5 for Candida Infection