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Poor Circulation can lead to numerous health conditions or worsen an already existing health concern.  The Natural Health Shop can help you identify the first indication of poor circulation is usually a problem with the hands, feet, or legs.

A number of diseases, including Diabetes, Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), and High Cholesterol, can also interfere with blood flow and cause Poor Circulation.  People with Diabetes are especially at risk for Foot problems.

Poor Circulation is also an indication  of Liver Qi Stagnation. It means that the Liver is overwhelmed and not Detoxifying properly; being the "washing machine" of the body.

Therefore it is important to look after your Liver as well as your Kidneys with Liver And Hepatitis Remedies; and Kidneys Remedies.

Therefore our remedies are tailored to address your problems of poor circulation in a more holistic sense.

Our classical products include: Liver Strength, UltraLiver12, Liver Balance Plus, LiverRescueNeprinol, and  Lymphatic Care among others.  Additionally, examine the other protocols critically to ascertain which others applies to your particular health concerns.

That's why here at the Natural Health Shop we can not only help you identify the first signs of Poor Circulation, but also assist with the best Natural Circulation Remedies and Nutrition for Poor Circulation.



Amazon Tonic III AOIII Herbal Toothpaste Blood Pressure Formula
Amazon Tonic IIIAOIII Herbal ToothpasteBlood Pressure Formula





Body And Skin Renewal Elixir Brain Power BrainEssence 60 Tablets
Body And Skin Renewal ElixirBrain PowerBrainEssence 60 Tablets




CandXpel Cellular Detox Elixir Cellular Replication Elixir
CandXpelCellular Detox ElixirCellular Replication Elixir




Chanca Piedra (Combo Pack) - Herbal Tea ClearLungs Liquid Dendritic Cell Support Elixir
Chanca Piedra (Combo Pack) - Herbal TeaClearLungs LiquidDendritic Cell Support Elixir




EnergyPlus 120 Tablets ESME-A Elixir Glutathione Force II
EnergyPlus 120 TabletsESME-A ElixirGlutathione Force II




Heart & Lungs Plus Immune Cell Enhancement Elixir Immune Cellular Support System
Heart & Lungs PlusImmune Cell Enhancement ElixirImmune Cellular Support System




Immune Force Ionic-Fizz™ Magnesium Plus 342gm Jiaogulan
Immune ForceIonic-Fizz™ Magnesium Plus 342gmJiaogulan




LifeEssence The Master Multiple Liver Detox Pathways Elixir Lugol's Iodine
LifeEssence The Master MultipleLiver Detox Pathways ElixirLugol's Iodine




Lymphatic Care MetOH Migraine Relief
Lymphatic CareMetOHMigraine Relief




NanoRed - Spleen Elixir Nattovena 180 Caps Neprinol AFD, 150 Capsules
NanoRed - Spleen ElixirNattovena 180 CapsNeprinol AFD, 150 Capsules




Neuro Relief Nurav Spleen Remedy O-J-Soothe
Neuro ReliefNurav Spleen RemedyO-J-Soothe




Optimal Immune I Oxy E (Combo Pack) OxyDHQ
Optimal Immune IOxy E (Combo Pack)OxyDHQ




Pentose Phosphate Pathway Elixir Proteolytic Boost Elixir Radiant Care
Pentose Phosphate Pathway ElixirProteolytic Boost ElixirRadiant Care




Reveal Elixir Seasonal Rescue Silver 9.0 Plus
Reveal ElixirSeasonal RescueSilver 9.0 Plus




SkinCanHeal 2 Stallion XL Stress Support System
SkinCanHeal 2Stallion XLStress Support System




StressDefense T Ban T-Suppressor Elixir
StressDefenseT BanT-Suppressor Elixir




Telomerase Elixir The Imperial Blend (Super Immune Booster) Tongkat Ali
Telomerase ElixirThe Imperial Blend (Super Immune Booster)Tongkat Ali




Toxin Elimination Elixir Transitions Ultimate Fish Blend
Toxin Elimination ElixirTransitionsUltimate Fish Blend




UltraImmune 9 Vision Cellular Support System 60 Tablets Whole C - Vitamin C
UltraImmune 9Vision Cellular Support System 60 TabletsWhole C - Vitamin C






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