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Natural Health Shop offers unique products of Automolecular Purity that helps women overcome those problems associated with the Endometrium and Womb

For associated discomfort of Dysmenorrhea, Dyspareunia or Painful Sexual Intercourse, Lower Abdominal or Rectal Pain; Metorrhagia or Menorrhagia; it is important to bring the problem under complete control by taking FibroVera with Neprinol; in combination with other Lifestyle changes; as always associated with choosing the Time Honoured Natural Cure and Treatment Route.

These products offer among others, help as:

Endometrial Tissue may Implant itself on the Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, Pelvic Ligaments, Abdominal Organs, Old Scars and Incision Scars; and in rare cases the Chest, Lungs, Spinal Cord and Extremities.

It is therefore important that you address your Endometrial problems holistically by consulting Naturopathic Physicians.