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The majority of Herbal Painkillers or Analgesics also include effects that naturally address painful conditions in a comprehensive way.

The crux of Pain Relief in any Holistic System of Therapy is not primarily the pharmacological strength of a remedy’s action.

Therefore the main Factors to consider are the considerations of the exploration of the Presenting Symptoms.

The main Energetic Imbalances that entail pain are Yang Deficiency, Qi Deficiency, Blood Stagnation, Qi Constraint and Infectious Conditions Presenting Heat, Damp-Heat or Toxic Heat; and these can fall under:

Our remedies are a selection of Botanical Based Formulas that help to combat pain from its source.  In addressing any form of Pain, using Herbal Painkillers, it is important to approach it from the “root” and “branch” perspective, including the Cellular, Physical and Psychological Levels.