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The Lungs: The Lungs are the media of Gas and Oxygen Exchange.  The Lungs work in harmony with the Heart to Circulate Oxygen throughout the body.

Remember that we are not only what we EAT but what we BREATHE!

This is more reason why YOU should never Ever pollute your Lungs with any toxic substances like Smoking, being exposed to Asbestos and Polluted environment.

Natural Health Shop Bromley Kent BR1 4QU +442037307607, has a good selection of products and protocols not only for your Lungs but also the condition of the Digestive System and especially the organs of of elimination, as the Lungs share the job of eliminating waste with the Bowels, Kidneys and Skin.

Our flagship product include: Lungs Harmony, Jiaogulan

Note: If you smoke, in order to prevent Lung Fibrosis and other diseases of the Lungs, you need to add any of the following: Liver Balance PlusLiverRescue or Heart & Lung Plus.  You also need to take MetOH as long as you continue to smoke in order to keep your system Detoxed.

 Health Advice: In order to protect your Lungs you would need to:

  • Stop smoking completely if you do.
  • Do proper breathing exercises including jogging in the meadows
  • Consider the best prophylactics: Diet, Right Lifestyle
  • Avoid polluted environment
  • Curb the misuse of Antibiotics