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Lymphatic System Remedies:

The Spleen is the "Heart" of the Lymphatic System

Plant Remedies That Treat Toxicosis like Lymphatic System Disease, have a long history in both Greek and European Natural Medical Practices.

These protocols are a Synergistic preparations that go to the heart of Lymphatic System Detoxification.

Among the very top sellers are: Cellular Detox Elixir, Nano Red - Spleen Elixir and Ultimate Fish Blend among others.


 Health Tips For Lymphatic System Care:

  • Get Moving
  • Ditch the Cokes and Sodas
  • Deep Breathing Exercise
  • Drink plenty of Water(Usually warm to hot)
  • Eat more Raw Fruits on an Empty Stomach
  • Eat Plenty of Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Eat Raw unsalted Seeds and Nuts
  • Get a Gentle Massage
  • Alternate Hot and Cold Showers for several minutes everyday