Prug X

Prug X

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The energies in PrugX instruct non-functioning cells to stop releasing hydrogen peroxide, causing the hydrogen peroxide to build up in the cells.

This buildup, in turn, causes the non-functioning cells to more rapidly become sick and die.

This frequency-enhanced Elixir is a sister product to BLA.

BLA encourages Lactic Acid build up in unwanted cells which, when used in conjunction with PrugX, have become two of our most potent Energized Elixirs to fight a compromised Immune System, whether through:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Cancer
  • Stress Related Issues...

PrugX has these other benefits:

  • Free Radical Scavenger
  • Pathogen Fighter
  • Immune System Booster
  • Oxidative Burst
  • Cell Apoptosis Remedy
  • Cancer Cell Death Remedy
  • Indicated for Inflammatory Diseases
  • Oxidative Stress

Hydrogen Peroxide is produced when we metabolize food, which usually should be eliminated and made safe by the Liver.

However, Excess Hydrogen Peroxide does build up in the body when our system is overwhelmed and this leads to Metabolic Stress and the lack of Homeostasis.

Consequently, Free Radicals or Damaged Cells release more Hydrogen Peroxide as a Survival Mechanism otherwise they cannot survive.

PrugX helps to initiate the buildup and proliferation of Hydrogen Peroxide in the Damaged Cells or Free Radicals, thereby resulting into their death.


  • Frequency Enhanced Purified Water, 
  • Organic Essential Oil 
  • Rosemary Essential Oil.


Container Size:   60ml. Dropper bottle.




  • For maintenance, start with about 2ml, three (3) times daily increasing to 5ml, three(3) times daily.
  • For therapeutic purposes and depending on severity, after the first week on the maintenance dosage you can increase to 10 ml. three (3) daily.  
  • You can use up to 4-6 bottles per month depending on your personal circumstances.
  • Remember: You cannot over dose on these elixirs


  • Do not let this product get in contact with any metal spoon.
  • Use wooden, hard plastic, glass or enamel spoons and containers to              dispense.





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