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T Ban

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T Ban Elixir:

T Ban Elixir tells the Cancer Cells to exit the body.

T Ban has Vibrational Energies that stimulate Cancer Cells to exit the body.  This is because they are irritated by these Vibrational Frequencies.

In addition T Ban tells the Immune System to carry Cancer Cells, live or dead, out of the body.

Therefore, if you are looking for Alternative Cancer Remedies, that does not poison the body, then T Ban is one of the Protocols you may need, for:

  • Stage IV Cancer Natural  Treatment
  • Pleomorphic Adenocarcinoma
  • Natural Cancer Apoptosis Remedy
  • Bone Cancer Natural Remedy
  • Breast Cancer Treatment Protocol
  • Bone Cancer Alternative Remedy
  • Sarcoma Botanical Treatment
  • Home Remedy For All Cancers
  • Natural Treatment of Breast Cancer with T Ban
  • Treating Prostate Cancer with T Ban
  • Liver Cirrhosis Remedy
  • Immune System Boosting Remedy
  • Cancer Tumour Remedy

T Ban is testing as one of our most powerful Cancer Supplements because of its ability to Stimulate Live Cancer Cells to want to leave the body, and also stimulates the Immune System to carry the Malignant Cells out.

In addition, it will also help reduce Tumour size more quickly as dead cancer cells are also targeted by the actions of T Ban. This helps to take a strain off the Liver and body as processing dead cancer cells can easily overload a worn out detoxification system.  

Container Size: 60ml Dropper Bottle.


  • Depending on your particular requirement for therapeutic purposes, use up to 6 or more bottles a month.
  • Start with , 15 drops 3 Times Daily, directly into your mouth and hold for about 1 minute before swallowing.
  • Then increasing to 5ml, 3 times daily
  • Depending on severity, it can be increased to 10ml. 3 times daily.
  • Do not take any food or drink for 20 minutes after.


  • Do not use any metal spoon to come into contact with any of our                  protocols, especially all the Elixirs.  
  • Use Glass, wooden or enamel spoons.


  • Purified spring water as base
  • Organic Orange Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil. 

The oils help the vibrational frequencies encoded in the water work more effectively. The technology used to make these Elixirs creates a Stable Concentrated Energy that transfers instructions to your body.

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