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 AOIII Herbal Toothpaste:

This toothpaste is highly recommended for anyone with:

  • Immune Compromised System, e.g.: Chemo and Radiotherapy, Cancer, Candida, Stressful Situations...
  • Traumatic Health Issues: Cancer
  • Looking for an Alternative Toxic Free, Fluoride Free, Toothpaste
  • Gum and Tooth Disease
  • Tooth Decay
  • Oral Sores and Canker
  • Oral Cancer
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Gingivitis
  • Inflamed Gum
  • Tonsillitis
  • Pharyngitis
  • Treating Candida Spores
  • Digestive System Disorders: Thrush, Candida, Gastritis, Gastroenteritis...

Use as Mild Escharotic (diagnostic) : AOIII Herbal Toothpaste can also be used as a "detector" for Oral Cancers of the Mouth.

Any Cancers in your mouth will "react" to the presence of the Dentifrice, manifesting as a light, but deep, stinging sensation.

If your mouth is free of any Malignancy (which is the case for the vast majority of people) you will not feel this. 

In fact, except for its extraordinary cleaning action, the experience will not be different from using any other dentifrice. 

Remember that Fluoride containing Toothpastes are very Toxic to your body.   

Fluoride has a host of Toxicological effects and according to the Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products it is "more poisonous than lead and just slightly less poisonous than arsenic." 

AOIII Herbal Toothpaste Benefits:

The result of using AOIII Herbal Toothpaste is an experience of "cleaner teeth" and fresh breath.

Supplement Fact:

Container Size: 102g.


  • Bloodroot
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Sorbitol
  • Zinc Chloride (USP)
  • Chapparal
  • Nuwais
  • Amazon Salve
  • Stevia Rebaudiana Extract
  • Glycerine

Directions for Use

  • To use, simply take head size of the plastic dip provided onto your                 toothbrush and then brush as you normally would with any other                 toothpaste. While brushing keep swishing the pasty foam all round your          mouth
  • Note: You do not need a lot at a time unlike what you take when using the    regular toothpastes.
  • Do not rinse your mouth after you spit out the foam with water, to allow       the potent Antioxidants, Anticancer and Candida Botanicals to be well           absorbed. 
  • Do not put anything into your mouth for about 5-10 minutes.

Effect: You will immediately notice that our toothpaste is more astringent compared to other teeth cleaning aids now on the market.

In addition to Brushing your Teeth, we recommend that you Brush the Top and Base of your Tongue, Gums and Inside of your Cheeks.

Note: AOIII Herbal Toothpaste is one product we use ourselves here at Natural Health Shop, Bromley, BR1 4QU, UK, +442037307607.

It has such a thorough cleaning effect that you when finish cleaning your teeth, by simply passing your tongue over your teeth, you will notice that your teeth "feel" extraordinarily clean - much like the way your teeth feel after having visited the dentist.


  • You may find Brushing with AOIII Herbal Toothpaste "too medicinal" But is is the medicinal effect that you need. 
  • Hoever with time you will feel wonderful 
  • This is why we recommend that you use a very small quantity initially and not even any much more thereafter.
  • You do not need the paste to cover the whole brush!
  • One pot of AOIII Herbal Toothpaste can last months; averaging 2-3 months per pot.
  • Please always remember to floss your teeth after each meal. 

Caution: Do not be fooled by zealous adverts on the benefits of Fluoride containing Toothpastes.


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