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Brain Power is a Natural and Holistic Supplement to support the Brain.


Brain Power: Is one of four remarkable supplements that work synergistically to promote Deep Healing in the Body and Brain Functions.

Have you been experiencing:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Memory Loss
  • Brain Fog

Brain Power may be useful for:

  • Promoting Calm, Alert, and Focused States

  • Balancing Electrical Brain Signals

  • Supporting Mood and Memory

  • Combating Dementia, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s

  • Easing Addictive Patterns

  • Preventing Stress and ”Burn Out”

  • Balancing Adrenal fatigue And Fibromyalgia

  • Alleviating Sleep Disorders

  • Repairing the Nervous System

.. or possibly, you may be looking for a Natural Botanical Remedy that may help as:

  • A Natural Memory Booster
  • Natural Brain Booster
  • Supplement For Memory Loss
  • Memory Vitamins
  • Memory Enhancer Supplement
  • The Best Brain and Memory Supplement....

...Natural Health Shop, is priviledged to offer you this all Natural, Botanical, Potent Brain Booster called Brain Power.

Brain Power is designed to work with Immune Force and Liver Strength and Ultimate Fish Blend.

Each focuses on particular areas of support for regenerating your body, and are designed to bring about as total a healing to your body as is possible.

They make use of advances in the understanding of how your body works, and how nutrients are processed and utilized in your body and brain. 

While it is possible to get individually similar ingredients, no other manufacturer has the understanding of what to combine, the optimal ratios to use, and how to delivery these nutrients to where they need to go. They are off the scale in their ability to improve your health compared to every other supplement in the world(courtesy Bioscience International). 

Brain Power may not only supply nutrients for the brain. But the first step in getting nutrients to the brain is to get the Liver processing nutrients correctly.

So for optimal benefit Brain Power works synergistically with Liver Strength, helping both to calm down the Liver so that it works properly. 

Thus Liver Strength is particularly valuable for improving the effectiveness of Brain Power. The Liver sends messages to the brain and the brain then controls the Nervous and Immune System.

A Hyper-active Liver causes a Hyper-active Brain because the wrong minerals and nutrients are being pushed into the Brain by a malfunctioning Liver. As a result, Stress chemicals are produced that remain in the brain until they are cleared.

This is what Brain Power is designed to do.

Brain Power uses an advanced absorption mechanism to get nutrients into brain cells. This delivery system and combination of nutrients help your brain cells absorb these oils effortlessly and for maximum benefit. 

The Fish Oils and nutrients in Brain Power train the brain to function at a higher level, to avoid nutrients that cause it to malfunction, and to uptake the nutrients it needs. 

Brain Power seeks to nurture brain health through providing fish oils and other ingredients that repair the brain synapses, and improve the function of the synaptic connections by Re-programming the way the brain uses nutrients in the body.  It instructs the brain to change and improve the incorrect nerve-signaling that is taking place in the brain with degenerative neurological conditions. This action is important for anyone seeking to improve their Brain Health  using Botanicals.

The fish oils in Brain Power are the best Fish Oils for the brain, supplying trace amounts of proteins that can be used by brain cell DNA. It feeds Brain cells by supplying the Minerals, Vitamins, Proteins and Antioxidants that the Brain needs.

Fish Oils on their own are isolated, unprotected and ultimately may cause Free Radical Damage to cells as they turn rancid.

The Minerals, Vitamins, Proteins and Antioxidants in Brain Power prevent the Fish Oil from turning rancid. Making it by far the Best Fish Oil Supplement for Brain Health.

Alertness, Calmness, and Improved Memory will come from the removal of the toxins and stress chemicals from the brain that Brain Power initiates.

The Vitamins and Nutrients supplied by Brain Power in the right ratio, especially Vitamins B9 and B10, when combined with the Fish Oils, help Rebuild and Repair Brain Pathways.

Brain Power is designed to stop electrical overcharge, to calm down the over-responding Nervous Systems. It is designed to help clear blocked circuits in the Brain and Liver, and supplies Nutrients and Minerals needed to repair Nerve Circuits. 

When the Brain is not absorbing nutrients properly, it may pull the minerals it needs from the bones. Thus depleting the Bones of minerals. Use of Brain Power will help the brain become aware of what it needs, so that the brain starts asking for the proper nutrients, and then begins absorbing those nutrients so that the brain starts working properly.

Just throwing nutrients at the brain, in the wrong ratio, without the right delivery system and needed co-nutrients will not get the brain functioning optimally. Brain Power is designed to do just this.

When taking Brain Power over an extended period, your Brain will improve more rapidly and completely when you are also taking Liver Strength

Supplements Facts

Serving Size: 2 Soft Gel Capsules

Serving Per Container: 120 Soft Gel Capsules


  • Maintenance: 2 Soft Gels Capsules per day
  • Therapeutic: 4-6 Soft Gels Capsules per day
  • To be taken with warm water: 300-400ml.





Proprietary Blend:



Astaxanthin Blend:

  • Krill Oil
  • Astareal Astaxanthin
  • Salmon Oil



Mackerel-Herring-Anchovy-Sardine Oil Blend






Vitamin A - Carrot extract



Vitamin K2 – MK7



Vitamin K1 – Spinach Extract



Vitamin B12 –Chlorella



Orgen – B9, B10




Other Ingredients:

  • Gelatin
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Beeswax
  • Sunflower
  • Lecithin




 *Daily Value Not Established

Does it work?

Are there real benefits in using this and similar products?

Read What our customers have to say:

May, 2015

“I’ve tried a lot of natural remedies and supplements, but the BioScience International line seems to be the best out there. I’ve had sinus issues since childhood and Immune Force has greatly diminished them. My life has been intense lately with 60+ hour work weeks, major life challenges, and regular traveling across country.Their products (Brain Power, Immune Force, Liver Strength, and Ultimate Fish Blend) have been a key part of my health regime to keep me healthy, energized and strong through it all. One other major benefit I noticed was last winter when I caught a cold/flu and I increased my dosage of Immune Force and the cold was gone in two days!”


Aaron Pyne

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