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X-Tinnitus is Holistic Medicine and Remedy for the Ringing, Buzzing, Humming, Roaring and Hissing


All Natural Remedy for Tinnitus Sufferers Formulated by Chinese Master Herbalists

A Sound Remedy for the symptoms of Tinnitus:

  • Ear Ringing
  • Loss of Hearing
  • Ear Buzzing and Humming
  • Roaring and Hissing Ear otherwise known as Tinnitus.
  • Otosclerosis 

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For those who suffer from Tinnitus, there is no silence, no quiet moments, only noise. 

Introducing "X-Tinnitus" an exciting Chinese Herbal emedy specially formulated by Master Herbalist for Your Tinnitus. Otosclerosis and Deafness.

X-Tinnitus helps you cope with the effects of Tinnitus by reducing the "Noise" in your Head, naturally. 

X-Tinnitus  is an all Natural Herbal Product, formulated to help relieve the effects of Tinnitus safely with no side effects.

Causes of Tinnitus whether Objective or Subjective, include:

  • Obstruction of the Ear Canal
  • Infections
  • Inflammation of Ear
  • Eustachian Tube Obstruction
  • Otosclerosis
  • Miniere's Disease
  • Toxic Reaction To Chemicals
  • Reaction To Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Hypertension
  • Arteriosclerosis 
  • Acoustic Blast Injury.....

Therefore given the above causes, it is important to additionally address any other Presenting Problems You may be having.

About Tinnitus

Tinnitus is experienced by millions of people across the world. Several millions of whom have sought relief from medical or non-medical sources.

By definition, Tinnitus is evidenced by an acoustic like sensation, usually located within the head, for which there is no external cause.

Those who suffer from it define it in a variety of ways.

Such statements as Roaring, Hissing, Buzzing, Crickets, a cacophony of static-like sounds are only a few of the descriptions clients provided regarding this ongoing disorder.

There is no known conventional cure for tinnitus.

Conventional treatment programs include clinical therapy by a psychologist or psychiatrist designed to assist only with masking or coping with the problem. 

However, several Natural Treatments with Herbal Formulas have proven to be very effective to treat Tinnitus.

What Causes the Noise?  









This is a cross section of the ORGAN OF CORTI showing some of the 15,000 microscopic sensory hair cells which are very fragile and are easily damaged.

When the movement of the tiny bones in the middle ear vibrate the oval window of the cochlea, waves are created in the fluid surrounding the cochlea.

These waves bend the basilar membrane in place corresponding to specific frequencies.

Hair cells in those places then brush against the overlying tectorial membrane generating an electrical impulse which the brain interprets as sound.

Ingredients and Benefits:




Preparata (Radix)


Immune System Stimulant. Nourishes Blood and Yin. Tonifies the Blood /Dizziness

Fructus Corni


Anti-Inflammatory, Liver and Kidney Tonic/Analgesic Effect

Cortex Moutan


Clears Heat and Cool Blood. Activates Blood and resolves Stasis. Reduces Deficiency Heat.

Rhizoma Dioscoreae


Its Saponins content and mucilage, provides a lubricating and moisturizing effect. Hence, it benefits Lung Qi, Enriches Lung Yin and Treat Chronic Inflammatory conditions

Poria Cocos - Radix


Anti-Inflammatory, Antiviral, Antioxidant/Ringing in the Ears, Reduce Inflammation, Reduces Tension in Ear

Radix Bupleuri


Tonic, Anti-Inflammatory/Acute Infection, Treatment of Pain, Acute And Chronic Liver Qi Stagnation

Rhizoma Alismatis


Being a cold herb in combination with these other herbs, it promotes cooling of inflamed tissues including ear tissues by removing dampness


Container Size: 120 Tablets

Directions to Use:

2 Tablets 2 Times daily or as directed by a Naturopathic Physician

PLEASE NOTE: This is an all Natural Herbal Remedy works slowly but surely.

You need to complete the 90 days programme in order to see a very significant improvement.

The Natural Solution to the Noise

What Customers are Saying About X-Tinnitus

"Just to let you know that my condition is improving by the day since I started taking your product. The noise is less and less each day and hopefully it will be completely gone in the near future.
                                                                                          P. Garrett, Victoria, Australia


I have been taking the noise tinnitus remedy for just over two months now and I must say I am very pleased so far. Thank you for making available the X-Tinnitus!

K. Hoppe, FL


The constant ringing in my ears was driving me nuts day after day, unrelenting, the tinnitus was driving me to the point of insanity! All my doctor would say was that there is no cure for it. Thanks to your little ad on Google, I discovered your X-Tinnitus and after 6 weeks of taking it, I am pleased to tell you that my tinnitus is almost gone. Thank you NaturalyPure! By the way this is the second supplement that we have purchased from you that works. Keep up the good work andmay God bless you all.

A. Robinson, NY


Should I continue with the treatment once the noise is at a bearable level? The noise went from a loud buzzing to a low hum. Please let me know as soon as possible.

M. Waldbiesser, UK


I wanted to report that after using the X-Tinnitus formula for 3 weeks, last night the noise became so gentle that for the first time in a long while I could get a deep peaceful sleep. I want to give you all at Naturalypure a very sincere thank you! I will keep you informed of further improvement with your product and hope that my tinnitus will eventually disappear for good.

J. Soete, NY


I like to thank you for your X-Tinnitus remedy, after trying so many products this one appears to have set well with my system. The unbearable noise has become bearable and now I can........

E. Brooks, TX


This is to let you know that my condition is improving each day since I started using your X-Tinnitus remedy. The ears ringing has been diminishing each day considerably. I will reorder by next week.  Do you keep this in stock all the time?

N. Joseph, IL


I just wanted to let you know that I have been talking X-TINNITUS for just over a week and I have to tell you that I am simply thrilled, because I have noticed that the noise in my head is diminished and allows me to at least try to get on with my day. I believe in natural supplements and you can be sure this will be another one I will be using for a long long LONG time to come.
Thank you
                                                                                        D. Weber, OH


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