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DermaAid, Herbal based cream with exceptional properties. Promotes the healing process of old and new scars, atrophic keloids, hypertrophic keloids, contractures


Scars ~ Burns ~ Wounds and Healing with Minimal Trace

Our human skin is a seamless organ, like a fine piece of fabric, a highly valuable asset. 

Any burn, wound, surgery or other trauma to it will most likely cause and become the formation of scar tissue that can many times be extremely unsightly, if not plain ugly.

The truth of the matter is: The scar may never completely go away, but there is a product that can help reduce its size and appearance dramatically.

Scar Formation is a Natural Part of the Healing Process.

Various factors influences how our skin scars.

Naturally, the depth and size of the wound or incision and the location of the injury are going to impact the scar's characteristics.  Also your age, heredity, even your sex or ethnicity, will all affect how your skin reacts to healing.

Types of Scars:

The spectrum of different types of scars—: 

  • Atrophic, 
  • Hypertrophic, 
  • Keloidal and 
  • Contractures.

Once the wound is closed, treatment can begin to prevent that excessive scarring will not occur.

A treatment with Herbal Skin Repair Aid

DermaAid: Is a remarkable herbal based, all natural skin repair cream formulated by Chinese master herbalist to support tissue regeneration and scar removing. 

To formulate DermaAid a highly advanced technology was adopted to refine the cream which is made of rare and costly Chinese herbs which resulted into this amazing product. 

DermaAid can be applied for gangrene, decubitus ulcer (bed sore), burning and infection of large traumatic area.

DermaAid cream supports the function of:

  • Removing pain, 
  • Promoting tissue regeneration and 
  • Relieving inflammation. 

DermaAid possesses a remarkable absorption rate, immediate function, high effectiveness without irritation and no dysfunction of joints due to regeneration of the scar tissue.

DermaAid played a major role in helping those who were injured during the earthquake in Sichuan, China in 2008. 

Use DermaAid to improve the Color, Texture, and Overall Appearance of Old and New Scars.





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