Weight Loss Home Treatment Remedies

There are so many reasons why we put on excess weight. Here are some of them: 

Underactive Thyroid or Hypothyroid

Diabetes treatment


Steroid treatment

Cushing's syndrome

Thyroid Diseases

Stress and Low Mood




Fluid retention

It is though important for you to ascertain the reasons why you are putting on excess weight.  Once you know why, you take remedial action.  In particular you need to:

  • Watch the amount of food you are consuming at a sitting
  • You may need walk  and exercise more
  • Perhaps you are on Steroids, etc,.

We are always on hand to offer you FREE advice, as it is our intention that you get healed.

We have four potent distinct Herbal Formulas that cause a sensation of fullness in the stomach to reduce appetite and burn excess fat Ajo Té, Chanca PiedraMetOH and Totally Thin.

If Bloating or Gastritis is your health concern  then add GI Pro.

For the concerns of Candida or Yeast Infection, then CandiClear5CandElim or CandXpel are highly recommended.

We also have a very potent Special Detox Herbal Tea - SDH Tea. You can read the ingredients at the bottom of the page for Totally Thin. You would need to call specially for this tea.

Before you go remember to ask yourself: Why Am I Putting on Excess Weight?

When you know the answer, you have solved your concern 50%!

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