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Optimal C Elixir is an amazing frequency enhanced elixir that tells the body to make its own Vitamin C. 

Optimal C Elixir : 

Optimal C Elixir is an amazing Frequency Enhanced Elixir that tells the body to make its own Vitamin C.

We have not been able to make Vitamin C like most mammals because the Gene turning on the production of the L-gulonolactone Oxidase Enzyme that is needed to make Vitamin C in mammals is missing in humans.

Optimal C Elixir will take the place of this gene.

Optimal C Elixir may benefit in the following situations:

  • Treating HIV With Optimal C Elixir
  • Immune System Boosting With Optimal C Elixir
  • Stress Treatment With Optimal C Elixir
  • Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome With Optimal C Elixir
  • Liver Cancer Treatment With Optimal C Elixir
  • Breast Cancer,Prostate Cancer, Bowel Cancer Treatment With Optimal C Elixir
  • Atherosclerosis Treatment With Optimal C Elixir
  • Wasting Disease Treatment With Optimal C Elixir.

Optimal C Elixir turns on enough L-gulonolactone Oxidase production to create optimal levels of Vitamin C your body. 

A 150 pound goat, when unstressed, produces 13,000 mg of Vitamin C a day; and when stressed, can produce up to 13 times more, approximately 169,000 mg a day.

Optimal C Elixir will stimulate the body to produce similar quantities of Vitamin C, making it one of the Most Powerful Cancer Fighters, and also the most important supplement there is to Prevent cancer, Improve Health and Increase Longevity.

What does Vitamin C do and support:

  • A Natural Antihistamine
  • Osteoporosis Support
  • Asthma Attack Treatment with Optimal C Elixir Vitamin C
  • Compromised Immune System
  • Free Radical Scavenger with Optimal C Elixir
  • Bronchitis
  • Wheezing and Respiratory Infections
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Watery Eyes and Allergies Support
  • Intraocular Pressure and Glaucoma Support
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Anti-stress
  • Poor Resistance To Infections
  • Shortness of Breath Treatment with Optimal C Elixr
  • Capillary Wall Strength Treatment with Optimal C Elixir
  • Capillary Wall Ruptures
  • Anaemia

Therefore if you are confronted with traumatized health issues:

  • Recovering from Cancer treatment
  • Recovering from Chemotherapy and Radio-therapy treatment
  • Healing yourself Naturally from a very serious disease
  • Natural Immune Support
  • Need a Natural Approach to Resolving a Serious Health Concern
  • Natural Remedy for Wasting Disease
  • Stress
  • Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Naturally with Optimal C Elixir
  • Regular Flu and Cold Symptoms Treatment with Optimal C Elixir
  • Flatulence and Bloating – Gastritis,
  • Digestive Qi Stagnation
  • Wasting Disease
  • Weak Muscles and Musculoskeletal System

...then, Optimal C Elixir may be of help to you and your loved ones.

It becomes very obvious that the most time you do need Vitamin C is when your body is stressed and traumatized as in the case of recovering from Cancer or you have Cancer or any other stressful situation.

Researchers say that the ability to produce Vitamin C may be the underlying reason animals can live a healthy life through old age if given half a chance.

Optimal C will stimulate your body to produce similar quantities of Vitamin C appropriate to your weight.

Creating extremely high levels of the most optimal form of Vitamin C or ascorbic acid there is, the kind the body makes.

Being able to turn on Natural Vitamin C production in the body, makes Optimal C Elixir the most valuable supplement there is to Prevent Disease, to Achieve Optimal Health and to Increase Longevity.

Supplement Facts: 

Ingredients: The base of all the elixirs is:

  • Purified Spring Water
  • Organic Orange Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Essential Oil

Container Size: 60 ml.


  • For maintenance, start with about 2ml, three (3) times daily increasing to 5ml, three(3) times daily.
  • For therapeutic purposes and depending on severity, after the first week on the maintenance dosage you can increase to 10 ml. three (3) daily.  
  • You can use up to 4-6 bottles per month.
  • Caution: Do NOT ever dispense with any metal spoon. Use Hard plastic, Enamel or Wooden Spoons.

As we do not have this gene, continue using Optimal C to maintain these high levels or your vitamin C levels will rapidly reduce.


The oils help sets of vibrational frequency instructions encoded in the water to work more effectively.

The technology used to make these elixirs creates a stable concentrated energy that transfers instructions to your body.

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