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Tongkat Ali Advanced Libido Enhancement For Men And Women

Tongkat Ali: Advanced Libido Enhancement For Both Men and Women

Tongkat Ali is a proven Testosterone booster. This herb is particularly well known in Asia for its ability to Increase Testosterone up to 440%.

It achieves this by positively affecting Hormone Balance to Naturally Stimulate the Body to produce freer Testosterone.

Tongkat Ali is known for its extremely high success rate. 

Tongkat Ali is a 100% Formulation from Botanical Sources and offers a Natural Solution to both Female and Male Sexual Disorders.

The Benefits of using Tongkat Ali include:

  • Increase Energy
  • Reduce Fatigue
  • Increase overall Physical Condition
  • Support for Normal Blood Pressure
  • Supports Healthy Libido
  • Naturally Supports Healthy Testosterone Levels

Pharmacology effect:

Benefits Of Testosterone

  • Stronger Bones
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Decrease Body Fat
  • Increase Metabolic Rates and Oxidative Phosphorylation
  • Decrease Stress
  • Improve Brain Function including Memory
  • Improve Sexual Performance


Risk of Low Testosterone

  • Osteoporosis and Hip Fracture
  • Heart Disease and Myocardial Infarction
  • Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Senile Dementia

Tongkat Ali is a scientifically studied plant which holds up brilliantly under close scrutiny.

The root contains a plethora of beneficial compounds, including potent protective antioxidants which inhibit cellular Ageing

Other Phytochemicals in Tongkat Ali are:

  • Anti-Viral
  • Anti-Malarial
  • Anti-Cancerous
  • Combat High Blood Pressure
  • Quell dysentery

Note: The Quassinoids Tongkat Ali root prove twice as potent as aspirin against Fevers.

Supplement Fact:

Active Ingredients:

Extract Radix Eurycoma Longifolia Extract: 1:200… 400 mg

Tongkat Ali contains mainly Phenolic Components, Tannins, High Molecular Weight Polysaccharide, Glycoprotein and Mucopolysacharides.

Container Size: 60 Caps.

Serving Per Container:

Dosage for each individual may vary and may take some experimentation to reach desired results.

Below is the most popular dosages based on studies from customer feedback.

Increase Libido and Sexual Function:
1-2 capsules twice per day (1 morning, 1 at night for best results) – cycling 6 days on, 3 days off – if you buy 60 capsules this will last 45 days when cycled in this way.

For Fatigue Support, Weight Management and other common Health Ailments:
1 capsule per day – cycling 14 days on, 6 days off

Bodybuilders whose concern is to achieve Persistent High Testosterone Levels:
Three times a day, 2 capsules – cycling 6 days on, 3 days off


NOTE: Natural Health Shop, is the only Exclusive Practitioner Distributor of this Potent and Wildly cultivated Tongkat Ali from the Amazon Forest in Ecuador.


Safety Test 
No information is available about the Toxicity of E. Longifolia in Humans.

However, the LD 50 for an oral dose of E. longifolia alcoholic extract in mice was 2.6 g/kg; symptoms of acute toxicity included depression, shallow respiration, and convulsion. Ninety-five percent of the mice died at a dose of 0.43 g/kg, and increased weights of the liver, kidneys, spleen, and testes were observed.

Some of us wonder if testing natural products on animals is a good idea at all! We are not their type of animals! Are We?!


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