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Med Marijuana: Mari-Mend is a Topical Cream for your skin conditions. Essentially: Mari-Mend is ideal for Minor Topical Pain Relief Mari-Mend is ideal for Home Treatment of Wounds and Minor Skin Infections, like Psoriasis.




Med Marijuana: Mari-Mend is a Topical Cream for your skin conditions.


  • Mari-Mend is ideal for Minor Topical Pain Relief
  • Mari-Mend is ideal for Home Treatment of Wounds and Minor Skin Infections, like Psoriasis
  • Mari-Mend is ideal as Home Remedy for Treating Dry and Flaky Skin
  • Mari-Mend may help hypo-pigmented Scars when used regularly
  • Mari-Mend may help relieve symptoms of Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Mari-Mend is ideal as a Holistic Remedy for Muscle and Joint Pains
  • Mari-Mend may help soothe Inflamed Skin and Reduce Redness
  • Mari-Mend is good for “dishpan hands” and Foot care Treatment
  • Mari-Mend is a Home Remedy for Softening Skin
  • Mari-Mend helps in reducing Fine lines and Softening Scar Tissue.






Cannabis Hemp Seed Oil


The most important health benefits of Cannabis Essential Oil include its ability to Protect your Skin, Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Improve the Quality of Sleep, Boost Appetite, Optimize Digestion, Reduce Pain, Prevent certain Cancers, and Protect Heart Health.

Aloe Vera


Studies have found that Aloe Vera is effective in treating a variety of Skin Conditions, including Flaky and Dry.  Aloe Vera is also useful in treating Wounds, Burns, and Minor Skin Infections.  Aloe Vera has also shown some promise in treating more serious conditions, such as Skin Ulcers, Psoriasis, and Canker Sores

Organic Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is loaded with naturally reoccurring good fats. Coconut oil will assist with alleviating Pain, and is ideal for Relieving Fatigued Muscles. Coconut Oil also Moisturizes and Softens the Skin. Coconut Oil may help Sooth Inflamed Skin, Reduce Redness, and Rehydrate the Skin. It also has Antifungal and Antimicrobial properties.

Zingibar Officinalis – Essential Oil


Ginger Root Essential Oil, when used topically, can help relieve Aches and Pains.  Ginger Root, with its Toning and Antioxidant properties, may help reduce the appearance of Hypo-pigmented Scars - scars that are white, or much lighter than your skin tone. It is also Diaphoretic, thus Promoting Sweating and Increasing Circulation on the Skin. Ginger Root Essential Oil also has Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic properties – thus reducing pain.

Mentha Piperita – Essential Oil


Peppermint oil is used externally to treat Myalgia and Headache and the symptomatic treatment of Catarrh and Coughs. Peppermint Essential Oil is also used in the relief of Rheumatic complaints, Tension-type Headache, Pruritis, Urticaria or Hives and Pain in Irritable Skin Conditions.


Recommended usage:

  • Rub generously and deeply into affected skin area two times daily: morning and night time.
  • Can be used over a long period.

These combination essential oils, accompanied with our proprietary cannabis hemp seed oil, make Mari-Mend a necessary addition to our fine family of Med Marijuana products!



Mari-Mend, Cannabis Hemp Seed Essential Oil base Topical Cream is produced in a GMP facility in Canada.


100% Canadian!



Will I get High?

NO! While containing small amounts THC, Med Marijuana has no psychoactive properties whatsoever!

What Are The chances Of Failing A Drug Screening Test?

Several studies have shown that the chances of being tested and obtaining a false -positve drug test is highly unlikely, based on trace levels of THC present in Med Marijuana

Can I overdose?

NO! Med Marijuana products are safe and a natural health alternative, containing a balanced blend of the complete Omega profile made to perfectly meet our bodies' needs and uptake abilities.

Are These Products Legal?

Yes! The THC - Psychoactive - content of Med Marijuana, is well within the Health Guidelines of Europe, USA and Canada. Med Marijuana averages 1.5-3.0 ppm THC. This product is not in any way selling or promoting Cannabidiol - CBD!

Can I Become Addictied?

No! Stephen Health Agency Med Marijuana has no addictive properties.

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