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Neuro Relief:

Neuro-Relief is a specially formulated cream that transdermally delivers the essential Amino Acid, L-Arginine fast and efficiently to Neuropathic patients, achieving the desired increase in Blood Flow and Circulation to the Extremities.

Symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy include:

  • Pain or a Burning Feeling in your Legs
  • Numbness, Tingling, or Pain in the Toes, Feet, Legs, Hands, Arms and Fingers
  • Wasting of the muscles of the Feet or Hands
  • A feeling of Light-Headedness that causes you to fall
  • Diarrhea and Constipation
  • Failure to get an Erection (in men)

Neuro Relief assists to:

  • Increase oxygen content in cells, 
  • Increase temperature to the extremities, 
  • Increase circulation to the peripherals of the body. 

Neuro Relief is for mulated to provide a Serious Long Lasting Relief for Diabetic Neuropathy and Non-Diabetic neuropathy.

Neuro Relief has Faster, More Effective & Longer Lasting Relief for nerve problems that causes pain, numbness, tingling, swelling, or muscle weakness in different parts of the body.

These pains usually begins in the hands or feet and gets worse over time. 

Neuropathy - also callled peripheral neuropahy -  may be caused by Physical Injury, Infection, Toxic Substances, disease such as Cancer, Diabetes, Kidney Failure or Malnutrition or Drugs, including Anti-Cancer Drugs.

NOTE: It is important to primarily address the underlying cause of your Neuropathy; and indeed any health concerns that you may be having.

Hence, if the cause is Diabetes then look at our Dibetes Protocols. Additionally we would suggest that you take Calcium Sulfate - H3O, when treating Dibetes

Neuropathy can also affect the following:

  • Strength and feeling in different body parts
  • Ability of the heart to keep up with the body's needs
  • Ability of the intestines to digest food
  • Ability to achieve an erection - in men 

How do I know if I have Diabetic Neuropathy?

  • If you have Numbness in your Feet and Toes.  
  • You may notice that Cuts and Sores on your feet don't hurt as            much as you would expect them to. 
  • Burning and Tingling Sensation at your extremities: Sole of Feet,       Palm and Hands

When Instant Relief is a must, Tablets or Capsules will Not Do!

NEURO-RELIEF Is Superior to Anything on the Market!

Specially Formulated Transdermal Delivery System for Neuropathic Patients            

No Prescription  -  No Side Effect                                                                 


  • Increase oxygen content in cells
  • Restore sensation to extremities
  • Increase nerve activity
  • Increase temperature of extremities                                          L-Arginine, the Miracle Molecule!

Neuro-Relief was developed and tested for NaturalyPure Health Products, LLC and has shown dramatic relief to patients of diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Its transdermal activators drive L-Arginine into the soft tissue, elevating the levels of nitric oxide and oxygenation of the vasovasorum. 

Container size: 89 ml. Bottle (approx. 55 doses)

Note: Shake the bottle upside down before dispensing

Stop the Suffering!  

Order Yours Now! 

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