Practitioner Application – Conditions Apply – See below.


Step 1:

Before you apply as a practitioner you must have already registered and created an account as a client or would-be client. If you have not already done so, then access it NOW.


Step 2:

At the practitioner application page, please fill in your details and submit. When you click the green button to the right of some of the answer boxes, it allows you to add more options. We shall check your credentials, which could take between 1-3 weeks.  Once we are satisfied, we shall email you a copy of the Authorized Practitioner Dispenser Discount Condition document in two parts:

  • One part is just the actual discount for you to assess if you like what you see.
  • Once you agree that it is right for you, we shall then send you the full Legal Document or Contract for your approval and signature. 


Step 3:

You would need to download and read the document very carefully and agree on all the terms. Once you are satisfied you send back to us two signed copies and a return stamped self-addressed envelope. One of the documents will be returned to you for your records.

Once you receive your copy back, it is all set for you to start placing your orders.

Note I:

Access to our discount price account is only available to registered Practitioners who fall within our acceptable criteria, as indicated on the registration page; or a Student studying relevant and approved courses that also fall within the same criteria. For students, put down what you are studying for in the qualification tab or box. The same discounts apply. 


All practitioners will need to show proof that they are who they say they are by supplying the relevant qualifications and organisational affiliation details. 


It therefore implies that at this stage of your application you have given us your full consent for us to verify; for the purposes of your application to become one of our Practitioner Distributors, from the relevant authorities, including schools, colleges, universities and bodies you say you are affiliated to currently or in the past; who you say you are: Otherwise, you need to stop the application now.


Order Conditions:

1.   Due to the varied structure of the discounts, you cannot order directly from the site.

2.   You need to put together your order to include all that you need, by calculating the total cost and applying th discount level in which your orders fall into.

3.   It therefore means that you send us via email the invoice minus the discount: because you have calculated it and taken it out.

4.   Once your order comes in we shall check if you have applied the right amount of discounts.

5.   We shall put your order together and email or call you over the phone for the payment of the cost of the products plus the shipping cost; which can only be determined after we have all your orders prepared for dispatch.

6.   There may be times when we do not have the items you have ordered, or you needed us to procure a particular protocol from our supplier that we do not stock yet; in that case we do one of two things: (i): we send you what we have and dispatch the rest later at our expense; or, (ii): we wait for all the protocols to be available, and in which case we would need to let you know.

7.   In all cases payment must be received before any dispatches of protocols are made.


Your account:

Your account enables to you to do a number of things including:

  • Check your items saved in your basket and track items you have looked at previously or saved for later.
  • Check your order details and track your items once we have dispatched them.
  • Alter or change email subscriptions as and when you wish.
  • Change your personal information including passwords
  • Join us on our Social Media platform: Blog, Facebook, Webinar, Twitter, Google+ and U-tube: You can take an active part in our social media activities. You can write articles for our blog posts content sites. These we shall reward you.  At this level you are becoming part of what we term: An Associate of Health & Wealth (AAoHW). 


NOTE: Conditions apply.

  • All articles written must be copyrighted to us: We always edit and re-paraphrase all articles to suit our product outlay.
  • This is independent of your Approved Practitioner Dispenser Status. You do not need to be a practitioner dispenser to write articles for our social media audience:  Please ask for details.