Immune Force

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Immune Force is a Botanical Remedy of Herbs and Oils designed to Penetrate and Support your Liver for its Optimal Natural Detoxification Process and Replenish Body’s Reserves for Clear Liver and Brain Communication.

Immune Force

Unparalleled Immune Support -- This is the strongest overall health, Immune System and Liver Support Supplement we have ever made available.

Unleash the Force of your Immune System with a new scientific approach in an unprecedented liposomal delivery mechanism of Alcohol, Oils and Herbs in a soft gel capsule. 

Do you know what it’s like to have a healthy immune system?  These are some of the benefits of Healthy Immune Function:

  • Reduction in chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis, allergies, headaches 
    and congestion
  • Freedom from the symptoms of Yeast, Herpes, HPV, Hepatitis and many other Chronic 
    Bacterial, Viral and Fungal infections
  • Clean arteries and healthy sexual function
  • Skin free of Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea
  • Boosted endurance and athletic recovery
  • No Migraines, Tension or Cluster Headaches
  • No Allergies, Asthma, Mucous or Congestion
  • Increase in mental clarity, emotional stability and overall nervous system wellbeing.

If a healthy Immune System means a healthy body, then most of us have never fully experienced a healthy Immune System.

How can you restore your Immune System to its optimal power? You can start with Immune Force

Clinically studied, powerful Mushrooms and Chinese herbs are used along with high potency and immune boosting oils, to provide a new type of vitality directly to your cells.

This combination clears mucous from congested tissue, improves circulation and delivers nutrients to penetrate the otherwise unreachable tissue and cells. When this happens, the body can begin a deep healing process ridding itself of pathogens.

IMMUNE FORCE may help with:

All immune and autoimmune challenges -- Including "incurable viruses"  such as:

  1. HPV, HIV, Herpes
  2. Hepatitis
  3. Chronic Urinary Tract Infection - UTI
  4. Tissue Eating Viruses
  5. Parasitic Infestations
  6. Lymphoma
  7. Leukemia
  8. Cystic Fibrosis
  9. Asthma
  10. Candida Overgrowth 
  11. Chronic Bronchitis
  12. Chronic Sinus Infection
  13. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  14. Scoliosis
  15. Oestioarthritis 
  16. Cataracts, eye floaters
  17. Artery Blockages
  18. Capillary Weaknesses
  19. Circulatory dysfunction
  20. Emotional Imbalances
  21. Chronic Fatigue and Lupus
  22. Liver and Gallbladder Disease

IMMUNE FORCE is specifically designed to interact with the Liver-Brain pathway in order to rebalance the natural force of your Immune System.

When your Liver is congested by stress, infections and toxins, it loses the capacity to provide healthy blood and nutrition to your brain and body.

Not only will your brain not get fed properly, it is directly fed toxicity.  Where your brain is expecting to absorb friendly nutrients for a healthy environment, it is fed unbalanced blood creating a hostile environment.

Your brain, as the messenger between all systems, begins to store toxic debris.

This storage causes the brain to lose its ability to maintain homeostasis and a healthy immune system. In time, the body begins attacking its own toxic cells which leads to autoimmune disorders. 

IMMUNE FORCE comes to the rescue by heating and penetrating the congested liver pathways to remove inflammation, clear bile ducts of trapped minerals, toxins and viruses and help restore the liver, brain and immune system to unprecedented levels of force.


Immune Force works quickly to both enhance and strengthen micro capillary circulation and to lower inflammation. It also has an intense cumulative effect on building your immune system and rebalancing the cells -- for long-term improvement and healing. 


Size Per Container: 240 Softgels


  • Maintenance: 4 Softgels 2-3 times daily
  • Therapeutic purposes: 2-4 bottles per month.

Proprietary blend (3020mg):

  • Astaxanthin
  • Eucomia bark,
  • Longvida (curcumin),
  • Hyssop,
  • Goldenseal,
  • Sheep sorrel,
  • Bupleurum,
  • Grape seed extract,
  • American ginseng,
  • Ginger,
  • Cayenne,
  • Suma,
  • Zyzyphus,
  • Burdock,
  • Schizandra,
  • Wild yam,
  • Maitake prime,
  • Coriolus prime,
  • Black cumin oil,
  • Grape seed oil.

Other ingredients: Sunflower lecithin, Bovine gelatin, Ascorbic acid, Ethyl alcohol.

The totality of the great benefits of Immune Force has galvanized the Naturaopaths at Natural Health Shop, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 6QT, UK, to find out about what the Professionals have to say about Immune Force:


What Professionals Are Saying About Immune Force


“Since I began taking Immune Force my prolonged peripheral fluid retention due to varicosities has been alleviated, along with a marked increase in my energy level. I have also felt an enhanced “sense of well being” characterized by peace of mind and calmness throughout the day.”


Stephen R. Bochner, M.D, Los Angeles, CA, August 2013


“For the past several years, I have had a low body temperature running at 97.7⁰F. My Thyroid hormone levels are normal, including my Free T3. I have not been able to raise my temp by exercise and diet. I eat organic, am gluten free, casein free and do not eat any GMO foods or processed foods. I started taking Immune Force several months ago and last week, to my pleasant surprise, my body temp came up to 98.4⁰F. I cannot attribute this to anything other than Immune Force. I am quite impressed by this product.”

H. Klein, MD, Brooklyn, NY October 2013


"I had a wound on the side of my head that has not healed in over three years. It would just scab over and nothing more. Since I have started to take Immune Force, it has shrunk and now the scar is completely gone.. I work in a hospital and am exposed to many diseases. I’ve noticed a greater ability to resist these diseases and an overall increase in feeling healthy.”

Kenneth Self, R.N. Los Angeles, CA October 2013


“Immune Force has had a profound effect on so many different areas of my body! (…) I also used to have liver gallbladder pain due to gallstones. It has decreased as well. (…) Certain foods would cause rashes on my skin. I don't get those anymore.”

M.M., Los Angeles, CA August, 2013


More Clients Feedback and Reviews: We are working on to restore the link. 

More Professionals Testimonials: We are working on to restore the link

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