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More than just an isolated fish oil supplement, Ultimate Fish Blend has the complete profile of Omega Oils needed for Optimal Health.


Ultimate Fish Blend is designed to help bring the body back to a Balance State of Health and Wellbeing.

It is designed to work synergistically with Immune Force, Liver Strength and Brain Power

More than just an isolated fish oil supplement, Ultimate Fish Blend has the complete profile of Omega Oils needed for Optimal Health.

Ultimate Fish Blend may be beneficial in the following circumstances:

  • Healing overall liver and brain connections
  • Restoring proper levels of estrogen, testosterone, minerals, liver enzymes, and Vitamins D, K, C, and B
  • Maintaining memory levels during certain times of the day
  • Thinning of thicker, viscous blood
  • Supporting weight loss or stuck metabolisms
  • Acquiring the daily-recommended levels of healthy fats. 
  • It is very helpful for those who are reducing their intake of poorly digested fatty foods, but need to eat healthy fats as well.
  • Activating joint tissues to properly lubricate and repair the joints
  • Fighting chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and arthritis
  • Alleviating ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.
  • Promoting muscle building and athletic rejuvenation.
  • Helping chronic digestive disorders.
  • Alleviating menstrual instability
  • Eliminating insomnia and sleep irregularities

It is unlike all other Fish Oil Supplements which are relatively ineffective at best, because they are isolates.

Ordinary Fish Oil Supplements, as studies are now showing, will damage cells as they turn rancid in the body. Because they are unprotected and isolated oils, without the necessary co-factors needed for their proper use, they ultimately may cause Free Radical damage to cells and even increase tumour growth. 

Ultimate Fish Blend uses an Advanced Absorption Mechanism of Bioactive Proteins and Interactive Electrolytes.

Ultimate Fish Blend supplies a combination of the right blend of fish oils, with the minerals and proteins needed for these oils to work properly in the body.

This delivery system and combination of nutrients will help every cell in your body absorb these oils effortlessly for maximum health benefit.

Ultimate Fish Blend is a Complete Body Regeneration Formula. Your Energy will increase as your cells will be able to produce more energy Aerobically, Improving Hormone Production and Aiding Digestion.


Ultimate Fish Blend is also designed to provide Lubrication to the joints and finer capillaries for Optimal Blood Delivery of nutrients to these areas.

A major function of oils in your body is to act as an electromagnetic conductor. In order to do so, minerals and especially calcium are needed, along with proteins and enzymes.

All these are provided in the right ratio in Ultimate Fish Blend, along with additional herbs to drive circulation, and a tiny amount of alcohol to increase absorption.

Fish oil on its own, without these additional ingredients and delivery support system, cannot supply the Electrical Conductivity your body needs for optimal health and functioning.

Simple fish oil cannot work properly on its own. 

The latest research, in fact, is showing that long term supplementing with fish oils (being isolated) may actually cause damage to the body over time.

Ultimate fish blend is like taking your healthy fish oils along with your greens, herbs and enzymes all in one.


The body is, fundamentally, an electromagnetic organism; therefore, good health relies on proper electrical conductivity, or circulation. Poor circulation or conductivity in any part of the body will result in congestion or illness.

In cases of Cancer, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Arthritis, Menstrual Cramps and Autism: there is a circulatory or electrical problem at the source.

Strong, Vital circulation is balance between Hot and Cold, Tight and Loose, Heavy and Light.

These different relationships are governed by the Electrical Flow, the Minerals, and the Nutrients that exchange and interact throughout the body and its surrounding atmosphere.

For the human body to be at its Healthiest, it must have clear and open pathways between what it absorbs or takes in and what it processes and eliminates.


For the body to recognize and utilize a supplement or nutrient, it needs to have two things in balance:

  1. The body’s processing system must be able to absorb and process the incoming nutrient or stimuli.
  2. The nutrient or stimuli must be adaptable to the body’s specific processing system. 


Failure to understand this dynamic will result in more congestion and poor circulation. The body can only utilize what it knows. A simple example would be going on a detox regimen to clean out the liver.

This may appear to create a benefit for a short period of time; however, the very reason the liver is compromised is because its minerals, amino acids and enzymes are depleted.

Detoxification without understanding how to re-mineralize the body properly will often strip away more of the needed remaining minerals from the liver. This process never allows the liver to regain its proper strength.

Another grievous error is isolating one compound, thinking that overdosing with the single compound or multiple single compounds will bring the body back to health. We have seen this with many “Super Hero” ingredients, vitamins, or minerals that become “THE ONE YOU NEED.”

In truth, a nutrient is deficient in your body because the entire system is not functioning properly. Utilizing one or multiple single compounds is addressing the EFFECT rather than the CAUSE of the problem.

Ultimate Fish Blend and all products from Bioscience International are carefully created with a deep understanding of this dynamic. We are working with an understanding of what causes proper health while NOT trying to cure or push out a disease.

Diseases exist because the body’s terrain and circulation allow them to stay there. Pathogens and Viruses will be drawn to a body based on the body’s electromagnetic weaknesses as either a host or deterrent for that organism. If you truly desire to bring your body to its optimal state, the electrical connection has to be addressed.


Fish oils have become extremely popular and can be highly beneficial for your health because of their dense and rich minerals, fats and amino acids.  An important fact, however, is completely overlooked:


They conduct heat and electricity. They act as conduits for minerals and nutrients, encapsulate them, and can use the body’s heat to create electrical connections through their INSULATING NATURE.


Supplementing with more oil or high amounts of DHA and EPA does not guarantee health or healing.  It is not how much of an oil or the amount of one isolated compound, but the form the oil is in and its bioavailability.


Oil that enters a body that is already depleted in heat and vitality and lacks the proper minerals for the body to use as conductors can be trouble.  After a prolonged period of time, the oil may lay rancid in the tissue because the body does not have the minerals or conductivity to heat it up and break it down. It may be useful for a short period of time, providing the body with a boost of dense nutrients. After a while, the oil will backfire and begin to cause stagnation and congestion.


We use precise combinations of oils for different health building effects: 

Shark Liver Oil (Squalene) is known for its extraordinary deep healing and regeneration qualities.  Sharks are known for their powerful electromagnetic senses and powerful liver-healing abilities. 

Astaxanthin is an Antioxidant, Blood Purifier, and Anti-inflammatory. 

Salmon Oil is an Antioxidant that is high in Vitamins A, D, E and many other nutrients.

Within these oils we also synthesized Live Interactive Fermented Minerals and Probiotic Pores.

These minerals and probiotics are activated within your body and can follow the pathways of the oils delivered to the areas where the body DRAWS ON ITS OWN.

Not only does Ultimate Fish Blend delives the proper levels of EPA and DHA in the exact electromagnetic form needed, it also provides a unique blend of oils to cover different aspects of the body’s chemical regenerating needs.

In this way, we can assure you that you are getting the best-quality supplement for your wellness needs.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Softgel

Serving Per Container: 180



Amount Per Serving

% DV

Proprietary Blend:



Astaxanthin Blend:

  • Krill Oil
  • Asterial
  • Astaxanthin
  • Salmon Oil






Fermented Green Extract



Cinnamon Bark Extract



Calcium Blend:

  • Alfalfa Sprout
  • Barley Grass
  • Broccoli Sprout
  • Bok Choy
  • Kale
  • Spinach



Live Active Bacillus Spores



Calcium Carbonate



Calcium Citrate






Protease Enzymes



Omega-3 Fatty Acids Oil Blend:



  • DHA – Docosahexaenoic Acid



  • EPA – Elcosapentaenoic Acid



  • Phospholipids



  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids



Calcium – Carbonate and Citrate



Other Ingredients:

  • Gelatin
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Beeswax
  • Sunflower Lecithin




 Suggested Dosage: 

For maintenace: Take 1 Softgel twice daily(morning and at night) Best taken on empty stomach.

For Therapeutic purposes: Take 2 softgels two times daily: morning and night.


Ultimate Fish Blend Contains:

No Sugar, Wheat, Yeast, Dairy, Soy, Gluten, Corn, Nuts, Shellfish, Artificial Flavours or Colours.


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