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Whole Body Program is a Potent and effective Botanical Protocol that Supports the whole Detoxification System of your Body.

Whole Body Program is a Potent and Effective Herbal Protocol that, at the Microscopic Level, Cleanses and Scrubs Toxins from cells.

In addition, it supports the Liver and Kidneys with


Detoxification can be considered a Fundamental Foundation for Health Maintenance.


Whole Body Program Supports the Comprehensive Detoxification of the Whole Body System. This Detoxification is based on the premise that our body has an Incredible Healing Mechanism and Homeostatic.

It has Effective and Astoundingly Complex Mechanisms for ridding itself of Waste and Poison. Therefore Whole Body Program Aids that Elimination process as a whole.


The organs of Elimination include: The Liver, Kidneys, Skin, Bladder and Colon.


Some insight into the stagnation and Qi Deficiency of the above organs:


Questions to ask to establish Liver Weakness or Qi Stagnation:

What you might see with a person experiencing Liver Qi Stagnation

  • Deep Furrow or Blemishes between the Eyebrows
  • Deep Crow’s feet
  • Blemishes on the left or right outside of either eye
  • Red, Watery, Burning or Irritated Eyes.
  • Do you feel Pain, Stiffness in the RIGHT side of your Neck?
  • Do you feel Pain, Stiffness in the RIGHT base of your Skull?
  • Do you get Irritated
  • Does your Energy fluctuate off and on all daylong?
  • Do you have brief Outbursts?


Questions to ask to establish Kidneys Weakness:

What you might see with a person with Kidneys weakness or Kidneys Qi Deficiency includes:

  • Darkness or Puffiness under or around the eyes
  • You may also see growths, wrinkles or discolorations in the right or left eye bag region under each eye.
  • Do you feel Pain or Stiffness or Soreness in the left side of your neck?
  • Do you feel Pain or Stiffness or Soreness in the Left Trapezoid Muscle?


Questions to ask to establish a Bladder – run by the Kidneys – Qi Stagnation:

What you might see with a person with a Bladder health concerns includes:

  • Corners of the Forehead Broken or Creased, Puffy or Discoloured.
  • Receding Hairline or little or no Hair on the Head.
  • Do you experience Pain or Discomfort in your Bladder region?
  • Do you have a history of Bladder infection?
  • Is your Scalp Dry?
  • Are you on medications like Cialis, Levitra, Viagra or the like substance?  


Question to ask to establish Colon Weakness:

  • Do you have stiff right Elbow?
  • Do you experience abdominal Spasms?
  • Have you been diagnosed of or told that you have Polyps?
  • Have you been diagnosed of or told that you have Ulcerative Colitis?
  • Have you been diagnosed of or told that you have Diverticulitis?
  • Have you been diagnosed of or told that you have Crohn’s Disease?


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 Tablets

Amount per Serving: 1950mg.


Amount of Serving



Calcium – Carbonate








Burdock Root


Arctium Lappa Promotes Detoxification, Resolves Damp and Dissolves Deposits. It also relieves Eczema and irritation. It reduces Lymph Congestion. It is indicated for Metabolic Toxicosis with Damp: Swollen Glands, Joint and Muscles Aches and Pains, Gout and Headaches; Lymphadenitis: Scrofularia and Ovarian Cysts.




Mullein Leaf 

Verbascum Thapsus Moistens and Cools the Lungs, Soothes the Throat, Promotes Expectoration and Resolves Viscous Phlegm. It also Clears Toxic Heat, Decongests the Lymph. It is a strong Astringent and stops Discharge and Bleeding. It is indicated for: Lung Dryness (Lung Yin Deficiency)




Barberry Bark

Berberis Vulgaris Stimulates Digestion and Reduces Liver Congestion, Resolves Toxicosis and Dissolves Gallbladder and Kidneys Stones. It Antidotes Poison and Vitalizes the blood.




Peppermint Leaf

Mentha Piperita Warms the Exterior, Promotes Sweating, and Relieves Congestion and Pain. It also Decongests the liver. It also Stimulates and Balances the Nerves and Relieves Dizziness. It is indicated for Head Damp-Cold and Heat: Headaches Sinus Congestion; Gallbladder and Stomach Qi Stagnation; as well as Liver Yang Rising: Liver and Endocrine Disorders




Sarsaparilla Root

Smilax Chinensis Strengthens the Bones and Muscles, Removes Dampness. This herb is used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis, UTI, and Enteritis. It is also Neutralizes Mercury Toxicity.




Chickweed Herb

Stellaria Media Tonifies the Yin and Digestive Qi, Promotes Urination and Decongests the Lymph. It also Promotes Tissue Repair.




Yarrow Flower

Achilea Millefolium Vitalizes the Blood, Restores the Kidneys and Relieves Pain and Spasms. It also Promotes Tissue Repair and Reduces Inflammation. Additionally it is also very Astringent




Fenugreek Seed

Trigonella Foenum-Graecum is rich in minerals such as Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Selenium, Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Magnesium. In the Vitamin department, it contains Thiamine – Vitamin B1, Folic Acid, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine - vitamin B6, Niacin, and Vitamins A and C. It is indicated for Diabetes, Gastritis. Based on the available evidence, Fenugreek has benefits for Lowering Blood Sugar Levels, Boosting Testosterone. It reduces Fatigue after Strenuous exercise.




Bupleurum Root

Bupleurum Chinensis Clears Heat and Reduces Inflammation. It Stimulates Immunity and Protects the Liver. It is indicated for Kidneys and Adrenal Qi Constraints. It is very Astringent and Relieves Prolapse. It is also indicated for Acute Inflammation, Painful Conditions: Neuralgia and Viral infections.




Dandelion Root

Radix Taraxaci Promotes Detoxification and Stimulates Immunity. It enriches Liver Yin, Restores and Protects the Liver, Pancreas and Spleen. It also Reduces Blood Congestion and Relieves Fatigue. It is indicated for Arthritis and Protects the Bones.




Ginger Root

Zingibar Officinale Warms the Exterior, the Lungs, Stimulates Circulation and Relieves Muscle Pains. It also Stimulates Immunity and Antidotes Poison.




Irish Moss

Cetraria Islandica Nourishes Blood, Restores the Thyroid Function and Relieves Weakness. It is indicated for Croup, Peptic Ulcer, Anaemia and Thyroid Deficiency.




Liquorice Root

Glycyrrhiza Glabra Tonifies Digestive Qi, Restores the Pancreas and Adrenal Glands, Relieves Fatigue. It also Moistens the Lungs, Stimulates Immunity, Protects the Liver. It is indicated for: Metabolic Acidosis, Oestrogen Deficiency, Hypoglycaemia, and Chronic Joint Inflammation.




Milk Thistle Fruit

Carduus Marianus Decongests the Liver, Resolves Toxicosis, Stimulates Circulation and Vitalizes Blood. It is Reduces the formation of Calculi (Stones) in Kidneys, Urinary System and Joints.



Yellow Dock Root

Rumex Cripus is a herb that Promotes Detoxification and Tissue Repair, Reduces Inflammation and Suppuration, Liver Congestion and Acidosis. It is indicated for: Wound Healing and Ulcers, Urinary Stones and Metabolic Toxicosis.




Safflower Herb

Carthamus Tinctorius is a Circulatory Stimulant, Lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. It also has Analgesic properties. Safflower is commonly used to Alleviate Pain caused by Blood Stagnation.  It is also effective for Traumatic Injury when there is Pain and Swelling




Cayenne Pepper

Capsicum Annuum Stimulates the Heart and Circulation, Rescues Prolapse, Promotes Tissue Repair and Relieves Pain. It is indicated for: Muscular Pain, Sprains, Bruises, Injury, Back Pains and Chilblains.




Golden Seal Herb

Hydrastis Canadensis Vitalizes the Blood, Promotes Bile Flow, Tissue Repairs and Relieves Fatigue. It is indicated for: Gastroenteritis, Liver Congestion, Atonic Ulcers, Microbial Toxicosis and Congestive Dysmenorrhoea.




Oregon Grape Root

Mahonia Aquifolia Promotes Detoxification, Regulates Bile Flow and Reduces Liver Congestion.




Echinacea Purpurea Root

Radix Echinaceae is a Decongestant. It clears Toxic Heat from the Body, Regulates the Immune System, Promotes Tissue Repairs, Clears Decay and Relieves Pains and Swelling.




Peach Fruit

Semen Persicae is a Circulatory Stimulant, Analgesic, Promotes Healing, Antitussive, Antiasthmatic, Demulcent and Aperient.  This is a very important herb for Breaking up Blood Stasis and Invigorating the Blood. It is has a mild action of Lubricating the Intestines for Constipation caused by Dryness.




Black Cohosh Root

Cimicifuga Racemosa Balances Circulation, Clears Internal Heat and stops Spasms. It is indicated for: Spasmodic Asthma, Kidneys and Adrenal Qi Stagnation, Tinnitus and Muscle Tension with Soreness and Pain.




Gentian Root

Radix Gentianae is a Liver Decongestant. It promotes Bile Flow, Digestion and Clears Toxic Heat. It is indicated for: Liver-Gallbladder Damp-Heat: Right Flank Pain; Liver fire: Pounding Headache, Flank Pain; Genitourinary Damp Heat: Yellow Discharges, Itching, Short and Dark Painful Urination.




Slippery Elm Bark

Ulmus Fulva is a Yin Tonic that Moistens the Mucus Membranes and Relieves Dryness, Reduces Gastric Acidity and Promotes Rest. It also improves weight, Clears Damp-Heat and Relieves Systemic Weakness. It is indicated for: Lung Dryness (Lung Yin Deficiency): Dry Cough, Cough with Blood-Streaked Sputum; Chronic Bronchitis, Laryngitis and Gastroenteritis.




Prickly Ash Bark 

Zanthoxylum Americanum Relieves Rheumatic and Neuromuscular Pain, Tonifies the Qi, Replenishes Deficiency and Generates Strength and Stamina.




Other ingredients:

  • Acacia Gum
  • Stearic Acid
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Water Base Coating


  • No Soy
  • No Sugar
  • No Starch
  • No Coloring
  • No Dyes
  • No Flavoring 
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