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Menopause/Menstrual Remedies:

Nature has Endowed us with Natural Uterine Tonics - Still Disputed By Western Medical Science - that provides Nourishing, Toning and Strengthening effect on both the Tissue and Function of the Female Reproductive Sytem.

An abundance of Herbs reduce Blood Loss from the Uterus whether due to Excessively Heavy Periods - Menorrhagia - or Bleeding Inbetween Periods - Metrorrhagia - or Painful Periods - Dysmenorrhea, or an Organic Disease such as Fibroids.

Natural Health Shop Products at Bromley, BR1 4QU, UK, +442037307607, has some carefully selected Protocol Remedies produced by Experienced Herbalist and Pharmacognocists with several years of experience.

Therefore if you are experiencing any of the following before the onset of your Menstrual then these Remedies are what you may need apart from Lifestyle changes that you need to make(See Below):

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Fatigue and Irritability
  • Edema and Abdominal Bloating...


  • Heavy Period Bleeding
  • Thick Blood Period
  • Black Period Blood
  • Long Period Cycles

..OR You are looking for:

  • Natural Period Pain Relief
  • Menstrual Pain Relief Supplements
  • Menstrual Cramps Relief Natural Remedies
  • Natural Medication For Heavy Periods
  • Tonic For Heavy Periods
  • Period Pain Foods.....?

Do therefore have a very Critical look at the Protocols below.

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