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Yidan Formula is a Natural, Botanical and Holistic Remedy that Cleanses and Flush Kidneys and Gullbladder Systems of Uric Stones and Salts.

YIDAN Formula:

New Improved

An Extraordinary Support to Clean the Kidneys, Liver and Gallbladder of Uric Salts, Oxalates for Optimal Kidneys, Liver and Gallbladder Funtion.

Typically, Gallstones consists of Cholesterol(c.90%), Potassium, Calcium Salts of Bilirubin and Carbonate;  Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Carbonic acid Anhydride, Phosphoric Acid Anhydride, Pigment and Fatty acid.

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Then Natural Health Shop Croydon CR0 6QT UK +442037745428 offers you Yidan Formula: a Safe, All-Natural Supplement used in the Orient  successfully for years to promote eliminating Gallbladder and Kidney Stones.

For a more comprehensive Kidneys Stone and Gallbladder Stone Flush, it is recommended to use Yidan Formula with Chanca Piedra

Formulated by Chinese Master Herbalists and manufactured under strict GMP regulations

It is estimated that about 300 thousand peopple in the UK have Gallbladder problems; and approximately, 50 thousand have an operation every year; and approximately 750,000 Americans also have their gallbladder removed every year. The statistics is similar across the Western world.

The sole function of the Gallbladder is to store bile, which is produced in the Liver and aids in the digestion of fats in the small intestine. The gallbladder has become a prime target for surgical intervention; in fact, this is the most common type of major surgery.

Sometimes it's done to reduce pain, sometimes to remove gallstone. 

But remember this: Once  your Gallbladder Is removed you have a permanent scar and huge Dysbiosis and Metabolism problem on your head for life!

Approximately 80% of all gallstones show no symptoms and may remain "silent" for years. Once symptoms arise, they persist and increase in frequency. 

The most common triggers for Gallbladder attacks are Caffeine, Chocolate, Eggs, Dairy Products (especially Ice Cream) and Greasy or Deep Fried oods. 

Symptoms may include:

  • Right Upper Quadrant Abdominal Discomfort or Sharp Pain
  • Gas or Fullness after a heavy meal
  • The pain can also spread to the Chest, Shoulder, Neck or Back.

In addition to these symptoms, stones expelled from the gallbladder during contraction may become lodged within the bile duct leading to infection of the bile duct or gallbladder.

Conventional Cleansing all Carry Unwanted Risks:

Different approaches to Gallbladder problems in conventional medicine all carry unwanted risks:


The most common treatment, Surgery, has as many as over 10% of patients coming out of surgery with stones remaining in the bile ducts according to the U.S. National Institute of Health. Bile duct injury is another risk. 


According to the Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons, "...complications of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy are infrequent, but include BleedingInfectionPneumoniaBlood Clots, or Heart Problems.


Unintended injury to an adjacent structures such as the Common Bile Duct or Duodenum may occur and may require another surgical procedure to repair it, leading to even a more complex health issues.


Bile leakage into the abdomen from the Tubular Channels leading from the Liver to the Intestine has been described.

The Crucial missing links:

(i):   At the heart of Gallbladder  and Kidneys Stones, especially Kidneys Stones is Chronic Dehydratioon. Consequently we have an additional product, The 17 Herb Detox Tea -Rhizoma - which we strongly recommend to be used together with Yidan Formula.

NOTE: It is important you ADD this Raw Herb Tea Protocol, if you really want to heal yourself of Gallstone and Kidney Stones for ever.

This product is not yet on line. It is a prescription Protocol, formulated by a British Master Herbalist.

Our Practitioners are ready to give you FREE advise in this Regard.


(ii): The Lack of Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most imortant major minerals and a deficient in it appears to be the basic cause of Atherosclerotic Calcium deposits including Kidney Stones and Gallbladder Stones. 

And especially if you have High Blood Pressure and on pharmaceutical drugs, then we recommend that you add our potent Ionic-Fizz Magnesium Plus.

Natural Therapists consider that a sluggish flow of bile encourages the formation of gallstones. 

This can be due to : 

(i) Toxic Overload and/or Damage of the Liver caused by daily intake and lifestyle choices and leading to Reduced Liver Function, 

(ii) Toxic residues (from our history)that the liver cannot detoxify or eliminate and which are stored in the intra-hepatic bile ducts within the liver where the bile is actually produced 

(iii) Old viral fragments and remnants of previous infections, including toxic metabolites and vaccination toxins, also often stored in the intrahepatic biles ducts 

In Gallbladder Disease, bile in the gallbladder becomes concentrated and thickens.

Gallstones are born out of this sludge from cholesterol and bile salts.  The end result of the disease process is inflammation (cholecystitis) or stones (cholelithiasis).

A Gallbladder attack occurs when the gallstone blocks the flow of bile from the gallbladder and is manifested as a pain in the right side, (sometimes perceived in the right shoulder because of referred pain) as severe as the excruciating pain of a heart attack. 


The Gallbladder and Kidneys Saviour!

Yidan Formula is a dietary supplement used in China to support cleansing of Gall and Kidneys Stones.

It also Supports Cleasing Damp-Heat and Toxic Heat in the Liver and Gallbladder, Harmonizes the Middle Burner.

Chinese Herbalists developed this product specifically to help Support Cleansing Acute and Chronic Gall and Kidney stones.                                                          

Assists Easing the Pain as it Cleanses the Gallbladder and Kidney Stones.


Supplement Facts:

Size Per Container: 180 Tablets

Size Per Serving: 3 Tablets 2 times daily.

The Ingredients:        

     The Gallbladder and Kidneys Cleanse Formula that you need. Don't Pass It Up!

Caution: Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not exceed dosage.

Here are some testimonies from a number of satisfied customers - ccourtesy NaturalyPure:

"To all gallstone sufferers...I would recommend YI DAN because it really works! I know this first hand because I had the awful experience of painful gallstones. After trying YI DAN my life changed for the better. No more pain and no more gallstones. I was skeptical at first but I gave it a try anyways and to my surprise it worked faster and better than I thought. My thanks to you."       

Phil Ft. Meyers


"Dear NaturalyPure, I had a 5mm stone that my doctor said would need an ESWL procedure. I tried your Yi Dan as a last ditch effort and what a surprise! The pain stopped and I didn't even realize I passed it till I saw the ultrasound results. Your product saved me the agony and expense of surgery.

Thank you." 

Rita, NM


BTW, I am just finishing the YI DAN (gall stone) formula (I am almost done with the third bottle). I purchased from you, and it seems to have worked great! The emergency room doctor told me I needed gall bladder surgery--and soon!, but I opted to go the herbal route, instead, and ended up saving myself a lot of grief (and money). Rather than having increasing problems, as the doctor predicted, I have had no further troubles since altering my diet and taking the herbal remedy. I just learned today that the famous drummer Tony Williams died at my age from "routine" gallbladder surgery. 
I am not at all happy with the hospital, but as regards Naturalypure, I am not just a satisfied customer -- I am an overjoyed customer!               

Clay S, WI

"YI DAN was a true blessing to me...I suffered from immense pain due to a very large stone in my gallbladder. I was on the edge of getting surgery but I knew there had to be an easier way and so did my wife. She came across YI DAN and so we had to give it a try. I'm so glad we did because within days the pain was gone and within 3 months so was the stone! I just want to thank you for this amazing product and also thank my wife for finding it!" 

Benjamin, CA


"I researched all possible treatments for kidney stones - conventional and natural. It is the only product I could find that was designed to get rid of kidney and gallstones. Yi Dan really worked! My kidney stone attacks stopped almost immediately and on a follow up x ray, my doctor was surprised to see no stones. Thanks for this blessing, it really saved me from a lot of pain."  

 Samantha A. MA


 "To the folks at NaturalyPure, I remember ordering in the middle of the night after a kidney stone attack. The pain was so bad that I prayed for this to be the one product that worked. I was really surprised when it arrived by Wednesday. Yi Dan worked like a charm, my pain went away and my stones passed in no time. It feels good to be worry free that kidney stones are not a part of my life. Thank you so much"

Margaret G., NY



"God bless you for this product, it saved me from a dreadful surgery. I was told, that there was no other way but thanks to a friend who told me about your product Yi Dan, my gallbladder was saved. I just want to thank and let you know that your Yi Dan truly does work."                                    

 Stephen., NJ 



"My doctor said the only solution was surgery. I was sent home with pain killers. Being scared of not knowing the unexpected and the pain I was dealing with I decided to try the YI DAN Formula.

To my surprise not only did YI DAN work immediately for my pain but it completely dissolved and eliminated any gallstones that I had. Thank you for saving me from surgery!"

Louis, San Antonio, TX


Hi, This will be my 3rd bottle of Yi Dan Formula. I truly believe in this product. I was in lots of pain before I ordered and was thinking of surgery. I am doing much better ... This is a wonderful product. Please send ASAP. Thank you so much.

Teddy, Pocahontas, AR

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